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The T48 Corsa Spyder is a special car that reflects its builders interpretation of what they want it to be. Some want a special tourer whilst others are looking to represent a period racer.


The T48 Corsa Spyder was designed by Alan Hooper who also built the first car. He drew his inspiration from the Ferrari 166.


The T48 Corsa Spyder was built using the Triumph Spritfire or GT6 as the donour vehicle in combination with a GPR bodyshell.

"The car looked absoloutly period ... it looked at least fifty years old.

Nicely put together and finished without being flamboyant.

Somehow the car felt right, very correct. It had plenty of power, good brakes, a nice gearbox, sharp steering, and good poise.

Some cars feel right for all sorts of inexplicable reasons and this was one of them - the sum of the whole was greater than the component parts. At the risk of repeating myself it just felt


John Kali, Kit car Magazine

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