T48 Details

The building process starts with the donor vehicle. The body shell and seats (depending on model) are disposed; everything else goes to the Corsa Spyder which is designed to utilise everything from the Triumph Spitfire. This saves a lot of time searching for donor parts.

The Type 48 Corsa Spyder is a car that you build, not just assemble from parts that are simply bolted together. With a lot of flexibility inherent in the design, no two cars are the same. Everybody seems to have their own ideas about how they want it to be.

Body shell comprises of the following:

1 - Main Body shell

1 - Bonnet lid

1 - Boot lid

1 - Gearbox cover

1 -f pair front cycle wings

1 - pair of rear cycle wings

All above are in GRP in a grey finish. All moldings are trimmed but will need edges finished and final surface preparation before painting.